Brazillians accuse CS:GO community of racism

After the tenth time that Cloud9 has failed to beat a Brazillian team, the /r/globaloffensive community is live with Brazillian hate and a certain nationality isn’t too pleased.

Earlier today, Fallen started a Twitter war with /r/globaloffensive, accusing them of being racists who hate to see Brazillians succeed. This was, of course, met with a lot of anger and arguments.

“I don’t understand,” one redditor told us, “We aren’t singling out Brazillians, we just hate all countries that aren’t America.”

“Fallen needs to grow thicker skin,” another redditor told us, “There’s plenty of racist chants and people getting fined for racism in real sport. It’s okay for us to be racist, too.”

“I’m not racist,” a third redditor told us, “My favourite caster is black!”

However, the controversey has sparked interest from the internet community, Tumblr. Many of it’s members have brigaded the /r/globaloffensive subreddit, too – accusing them all of being cis white hetero non-Brazillian men who sit at their computer all day and masturbate to old VODs of Cloud9 beating Fnatic in a Best of Three.

“Don’t worry, the Tumblr brigaders have been banned,” a reddit moderator assured us, “Kink shaming will not be tolerated on this subreddit.”


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