ESL in legal battle after failing to disclose sponsorship deal with TheScore eSports app

ESL has always faced conflict from the CSGO community, but today, they face legal battles after they failed to disclose that their advertisements for the mobile app “TheScore eSports” were part of a paid sponsorship deal.

The battle comes just a few months after a YouTuber called T-Mobile was exposed for advertising a gambling website that he was associated with.

“It’s ridiculous,” an /r/globaloffensive member told Global Defensive, “They were constantly bringing up the app, how were we meant to know that they had been paid to do it? I thought it was just another bitcoin mining app. But no, it turns out it was some corportate shill. I bet Hillary Clinton was behind this.”

An ex-ESL employee, Machine, stepped in to give his input on the rumours, “I don’t think ESL will face any sort of real challenge. They only mentioned the app a few times, it’s not like we shoved it down viewer’s throats or anything.”

Speaking of apps, did you know that there is an app that you can get for your Android or iOS devices will tell you the score of all of your favourite teams and matches? It’s called TheScore eSports, you should check it out!



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