Is Smithzz Brazillian?

The /r/globaloffensive subreddit is up in arms today as Fallen accidentally let slip that Gamers2 player, Smithzz was a Brazillian.

While no official statement has been released, fans are speculating that Gamers2 player, Smithzz, is a Brazillian after Fallen “accidentally” defended him on Twitter.

“It didn’t make sense,” one redditor told Global Defensive, “Fallen only ever defends Brazillians. I was sat at my computer for half an hour trying to work out why Fallen would defend Smithzz and then it hit me, he is obviously Brazillian!”

While this may seem like concrete evidence to some, many are doubting it’s authenticity. Global Defensive took the opportunity to speak to a representative from the /r/VACsucks community (a subreddit dedicated to Brazillian CS:GO teams) to ask for their opinions on the matter.

“Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?” the representative told us, “We’ve watched all of his clips back and we’ve found him mouse over players a total of twelve times in his career, which is concrete evidence that he deserves to be VAC banned. He’s definitely Brazillian.”

Upon further inspection, it was discovered that Smithzz’s catchphrase “yo les noobs” is actually Portugese for “the favelas will rise”.


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