Thoorin is banned from Bullying Seminar after bullying another member

Duncan “Thoorin” Shields has been banned from bullying seminars, for life, after he was caught bullying another “former” bully, Freakazoid.

After the grand court of Reddit found Thoorin guilty of bullying the Gamers2 player, Smithzz – calling him a “les noobs” and referring to him as a decoy grenade, in many various contexts – Thoorin was sentenced to attend the WESA Bullying Seminar, to try to make him a better person.

However, recent sources from within the WESA organization have found that Thoorin has been banned from the bullying seminars, for life, after he was found to be cruelly bullying another member of the seminar, ex-Cloud9 player, Freakazoid.

The Global Defensive site reached out to Freakzoid to get his side of the story. “I was just minding my own business as an entry frag for Echo Fox,” Freakzoid told us, “When suddenly I was being barraged with hate from this Thoorin guy. He was calling me a decoy and saying that I don’t even lift and it hurt.”

“I was at the bullying seminar to get better after I  made the awful mistake to attack a harmless little Ukranian boy, earlier this year. I’m just trying to be a better person, but attacks like this just show that not everyone is attending the seminars by choice.”

“I just can’t believe that someone who is too scared to tell people his matchmaking rank because he’s scared his 14 year old fans will bully him is going around calling people decoys. I’d beat him in a 1v1, any day.”

The /r/globaloffensive subreddit has immediately split down the middle for which dick to stroke, however, the majority have agreed that Freakzoid used to play for Cloud9, so he must be the good guy.

“Thoorin just uses edgy banter to stay relevant,” claims one Reddit user, “Which is okay, as long as it’s funny banter. The whole decoy bit is getting a bit old now, the joke meta has already evolved to flashbang jokes.”

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