5 reasons why Anders is an underrated caster

With the rise of other caster groups, Global Defensive is running an article informing viewers on five reasons why the amazing caster, Anders, is the best caster in the world.

1. Very Relatable

The issue with a lot of the other CS:GO casters is that they are minority groups. For example, Sadokist and HenryG fall under the LGBT label; Pansy is a woman; Semmler wears glasses; DDK is a dwarf and Bardolph is, well, perfect.

The target audience of Counter-Strike is, of course, cis white hetero men (as it should be!) and Anders is the perfect example of that, being your typical ladies man and not being a part of any of the stupid minority groups.

2. Helps the Poor

Anders is one of the reason that poor Middle-Eastern man, Moses, has been given the spotlight. Moses has been through a rough patch in his life and went through a patch of poverty, where he couldn’t eat much. Anders helped to provide this poor peasant with some cream pie to help sustain his life.

He also helps Semmler to be relevant.

3. Lots of Hype!

Unlike all the dull British casters who just nod their heads and make banter, adding “Dan” on to the end of every sentence just so someone can make a post on Reddit also adding “Dan” on the end of their sentence to gain karma; Anders actually presents an insane amount of hype to his casting.

He has many catchphrases such as “FRIBERG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” or “HIKO ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?”, although recently, he has been using those specific ones less and less.

4. He Isn’t Pansy

Therefore he will get some upvotes on Reddit.

5. He likes NiP

NiP is the second most beloved team, after the true overlords Cloud9 of course, and Anders actually started off as a guy who worked for them. That means that you have to love him if you are a NiP fan, which everyone is.

Rumours actually link him to a possible transfer, with him replacing pyth in the NiP line-up. These are just rumours, of course, but with how amazing Anders is, anything is posssible!


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