ESL to pressure Pansy to undergo sex reassignment surgey to appear “less controversial”

ESL have found themselves in the dirt, once again, as caster, Pansy, reveals that she is being forced to undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery if she is to continue working with ESL.

“It’s quite simple really,” one of the two PR representatives of ESL told us, “When Pansy’s on the screen, the Twitch chat is full of people screaming GRILL and saying that they want to sex her, which is not the kind of environment we want to create with our tournaments.”

“Asking Pansy to take one for the team was the right move to creating a more tolerant community without this blatant sexism showing itself off in our family friendly Twitch chat.”

While Pansy has refused to comment directly, her lawyer has spoken out and announced that from now on, she is to be known as Derrick and will be casting for ESL at their next event, in Oakland, later this week.

Curious about how other personalities in the scene felt, we spoke to other legendary caster, Sadokist, about his opinion on the matter.

“Personally, I think it’s appalling,” he told Global Defensive, “It’s an obvious attempt to cash in on the transgender community and get their views. They realised how well my sexuality was working for me and my popularity and completely stole my idea. It’s disgraceful.”

While Reddit seems divided on the issue, many redditors have pointed out that the surgery may accidentally make Derrick the best CS:GO player in the world, as she is already Global Elite – which is already impressive for a female, in their eyes. Imagine what she could do with a penis.



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