Fans praise seang@res for his genius strategy of disbanding Echo Fox

North American fans are very excited as critically acclaimed in-game leader, Seangares, has announced a new strategy that ensures his team will never lose again-  shutting the team down.

Seangares has many achievements in his career; including once beating Fnatic in a Best of Three (using only his insane tactics, alongside a Skadoodle and Shroud who were having the performances of a lifetime) and almost getting out of groups in a major.

But it was today, that Sean laid out his most brilliant scheme yet. Echo Fox were no longer going to be playing Counter-Strike, as that way they were sure they would not lose any more matches and possibly damage their fandom.

Echo Fox is financed, primarily, by their merchandise. Just last month, the company released the Seangares Dildo which shouts amazing strategies as you use it. Other amazing products developed by the company include a Roca Geometry set, a Moe action figure which shouts obscenities at you whenever you forget to mine diamonds whilst playing Minecraft and a puppet of a small Ukranian boy which you can abuse verbally and throw around, roleplaying as entry fragger Meathead.

Echo Fox have been going through a rough patch recently, however, as they failed to beat any team in any event they attended.

“It was a little disappointing to see them drop out of ELeague,” one /r/globaloffensive member told us, “I had them down as winning the whole thing; or coming 2nd after Cloud9. I definitely thought they could beat Virtus Pro, NiP and G2 with ease, though; especially with the insane strategies of Sean.”

Things didn’t go much better for the Echo Fox side (who have the name “Echo Fox” in an attempt to appeal to the furry fanbase who have an obsession with foxes) however, when they were thrown out of iBuyPower Masters after humiliating themselves by being defeated by a Chinese team.

“There needs to be a roster change,” said another /r/globaloffensive member, “Maybe put Sean in to SK Gaming, imagine what he could do with all that firepower!”

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