“We don’t need the best teams for it to be a Major,” says ELeague

In an interview with ELeague officials, they have answered the fear from fans, regarding the Major Legend system, by saying that, “We don’t need the best teams in the world for this to be the best tournament in the world.”

Worries from fans are stemming from the idea that teams such as Gambit “Place for CIS Talent to Die” Gaming, Chokestralis, the team that shouted mean things at NIP, the other CIS burying ground and Liquid (whom no bad joke can do justice for how bad they are) are all automatically qualified for the next Major, which will be held in /r/globaloffensive’s country of the year (for the twelth time running), in January.

The qualifier for the tournament will involve some of the world’s best teams – including the #1 ranked team in the world, Cloud9, and the #2 ranked team, Ninjas in Pyjamas – alongside other fairly decent teams, such as the only relevant French teams and that’s about it.

“It’s going to be such a tough qualifier! There are all sorts of terrifying teams such as Renegades, AllIn, Godsent, Immortals and mouzsports!” claims one redditor.

When our Global Defensive representative couldn’t contain the laughter, the delusional fan felt the need to justify themselves, “Renegades are really good! They came in the Top 6 in an online league with only North American teams, so they’re definitely a team to watch out for. Godsent have no notable achivements in the history of ever, but who knows, maybe they might do really well! Immortals are sure to qualify for this major, it’s not like they have a pattern of doing otherwise and mouzsports are definitely not just your standard Tier 2 team!”

All of these concerns have seen ELeague rush to defend themselves claiming that it isn’t the teams that make the tournament, it’s how many gimmicks the tournament hosts have – such as Kiss Cams or cool advertisements as transitions, like ESL do.

“Trust me, we can make a match between two awful teams look great,” the ELeague representative told us, “So if Godsent and Cloud9 do qualify, you won’t have to worry one bit!”

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