North Korean pro team boycott ESL LANs due to poor conditions

ESL are having to make quick arrangements, after the North Korean pro team – “North Korea Best Korea” have dropped out of IEM Oakland, following complaints about how bad the conditions are.

Just yesterday, the Intel Extreme Masters event began right on schedule; an hour after it was posted to on the ESL website (a trick used to bring interaction towards the Twitch chat and encourage friendly discussions in there) but it was greeted with a lot of hostility from fans and players.

“We don’t even have computers,” one of the Astralias team-members told Global Defensive, “We’re using laptops and we have to use their trackpads because the new ESL anticheat is preventing us from using our new mice.”

Somewhere across reddit, a subreddit known as /r/VACsucks is imploding as all of the pros are struggling to cope with these trackpads and announcing proudly that they finally have an anti-cheat that works.

“We actually only had four chairs between our team,” told Na’Vi member, Flamie, “Which meant that me, Seized, Guardian and Simple all had to share a chair.”

ESL have been quick to rush to defend themselves, announcing that they are doing everything they can to rectify the situation and that it is not their fault, it is the fault of the arena, who held them down at gunpoint until they would host an event there.

However, problems soon got even worse for ESL, when the North Korean team (North Korea Best Korea, or NKBK for short) announced they were dropping out and returning home after deciding they could not deal with the awful conditions forced upon them by ESL, which involved them staying in a measly 4-star hotel and having to fly second class.

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