“Flipsid3 are a Top 5 team,” -Thoorin

Fans were left shocked as favourite Danish team, Dignitas, made an early exit from Dreamhack Winter 2016 – thanks to CIS team Flipsid3 upsetting them in a Best of Three.

“This should be an easy competition for Dignitas,” Thoorin told Global Defensive yesterday, “They’re probably the best team in the world with their single good tournament win, they should take this with ease. MSL is an absolute genius.”

Another hopeful fan from the Global Offensive subreddit had made the bold claim that Dignitas would not drop a single map, in the whole tournament – making the bet that he would literally remove his penis if they did not win the tournament. Like all Reddit made bets, this character has now changed their Reddit name and moved on, happy with the attention they gained, as Dignitas have been eliminated from the tournament in last place following an upset from CIS team, Flipsid3.

We caught up with Duncan after the match to ask for his opinion. “I think you’ve all been underestimating Flipsid3,” Thoorin told Global Defensive, “They’ve been a strong team for months now, getting consistent top eight finishes at all of the 8-team LAN tournaments they’ve attended. This win over Dignitas definitely cements them in my top three.”

The Global Offensive subreddit have had to sticky a post with the numbers for a suicide helpline, after Flipsid3’s Bo3 win over Dignitas now means that they have the same number of Bo3 wins against Top 10 teams as Cloud9.


Thoorin has recently been asked by the US government to predict that ISIS will continue to be a threat,

Other memers of the subreddit were, however, happy that Cloud9 had much higher chances of winning the event – although many fans felt the need to emphasise that even if Cloud9 does lose to the ranked #12 Optic side, or the ranked #20 Gambit side, it would not effect Cloud9’s place as HLTV ranked #6, due to every team having bad days.

Global Defensive took the time to speak with Rubino, from the Dignitas team, about his opinion on the loss.

“It obviously hurts,” Rubino told us, “I’ve heard about people complaining about Cis scum, but I didn’t really understand what they meant until now, but we played like even more scum.”

“MSL is just extra baggage on this team,” Thoorin ended the day by telling us, “His strats aren’t even that good.”

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