n0thing admits he has no idea what a Gambit is

In an interview with a more legit source, Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert confessed that he knows nothing about the CS:GO competitive scene and just clicks heads on a computer.

“Like, I don’t even know what a Gambit is,” Gilbert admitted when asked by professional stage host, Smix, “Until last year, I didn’t even realise we were playing online, I was just clicking heads because that’s what Sean was telling me to do.”

“Eventually, Sean took me in for a talk and told me the truth but I never really thought to look at the other teams. Are they any good? They’re not as good as us, right?”

As expected from any event involving a Cloud9 member, the Global Offensive subreddit went in to overdrive with several well-constructed posts detailing the matter: most of which involved clips of the stream which cut off before he had even started speaking, posts asking if this still meant Cloud9 was number one and an edgy European fan saying it was “typical American behaviour”. Many, however, chose to commend Sean on such a meta tactic. “This man just keeps on giving,” said one fan, in reference to how Sean had recently came up with the genius strategy to disband team Echo Fox.

When asked to comment on the strange instance, Cloud9 player, Stewie, told Global Defensive: “We tried to kick n0thing a while ago and replace him with GeT_RiGhT but he just refused to leave. We felt bad watching him sleep out in the cold so we had to let him back in. Poor guy.”

“It’s not exactly strange that Jordan doesn’t know about Gambit,” Stewie continued, “We’ve been slowly introducing him to different teams – he’s quite fond of Liquid because he thinks the logo looks like his mother, but I don’t think he’s ready to learn about European teams yet.”

“He’s definitely not ready to learn that there’s actually people watching the matches too,” Stewie added.

Don’t want to be like a Clown9 member and want to stay up to date with all of the totally legit news in the CS:GO eSports scene? Well, I have good news for you, friendo – you can follow us on Twitter at @GlobalDefensive

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