Renegades sign petition to get Gambit Gaming disqualified from Dreamhack

After it seemed that Gambit Gaming had reigned superior at Dreamhack Winter 2016, the Australian side has attacked back by having the Kazakhstani team disqualified from the tournament.

After yesterdays shocking results that saw Dignitas lose out to CIS team, Flipsid3, and then Kinguin’s dominant showing against Flipsid3, in return; Gambit Gaming, Renegades, GODSENT and Kinguin were heading straight in to the semi-finals. Fans were buzzing.

Combined, these teams have a fanbase of over 200 people: 180 of which are GODSENT fans, 19 are the only Australians who can load Reddit on their internet and one is a Gambit fan who keeps creating Reddit accounts with names that praise the players. All of these fans were excited for the semi-finals and what they would hold.

The first semi-final saw the Australian side triumph against the Polish side. The Australians, at home, went wild. One wild fan tweeted out that this was “Australia’s 2nd greatest achievement in recent history.” Global Defensive could only assume that the greatest achievement was a 2nd place finish at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

The second semi-final saw even more joy, as fans celebrated (what one Reddit described) the “end of the Nazi party’s rise to power”. There may not have been any Gambit fans in attendance, but even the Swedes appreciated someone sticking it to the horrific bullies that made up team Godsent.

The stage was set for the Grand Final. The crowd were roaring, the atmosphere was thick and the lights were dancing – admittedly, this was because a salty Cloud9 fan had set fire to Gambit’s dressing room, but everyone was ready to see the greatest display of Counter-Strike they had ever seen.

“Frankly, we’re the Leicester City of Counter-Strike,” Yamie Vardy, from the Renegades, told Global Defensive, “No one expects us to win, because we’re shit – but we just might accomplish something, this time, around!”

Fans were completely in awe as they watched Gambit Gaming take the first map, with relative ease.

“I can’t believe they lost that,” former Renegades player, Australian f0rest, told Global Defensive, “Kazakhstan is part of Russia, so they’re just going to rush B every round, right?”

Renegades fans were, again, silenced as Gambit closed out the second map – leaving Renegades with just a second place showing to show for this crazy tournament.

“Frankly,” professional analyst, Thorin, told Global Defensive in an interview, after the event, “I think Gambit Gaming are the #2 team in the world right now, the 1st being Dignitas, of course. I think they would be much better, however, if they added s1mple.”

The Cloud9 of the football world?

However, the drama did not end after the match, as Renegades manager (probably named Bruce), was seen in discussion with Cloud9 player, Shroud. Shortly after, an official statement was released on the Dreamhack Twitter revealing that a petition had been signed stating that Gambit had been involved in a doping scandal and, so, were disqualified from the tournament.

While Reddit were, initially, confused about all of this and questioned the morality of the situation, a Reddit user pointed out that this meant that, technically, Cloud9 weren’t eliminated from the tournament and all was well in the world.

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