ELeague set to hit record views of (around) 10

As ELeague’s second season reaches the final stages, fans are excited to hear that the tournament is set to hit it’s record amount of views from the TV audience, with estimates predicting that 10 people will be tuning in for the tournament.

Just last week, Turner released a statement releasing the very exciting figure, saying they were “very happy to see the eSports scene grow and that this is the next step in their further development of the scene”. Last season peaked at 6 views from the television audience, with four of them being the only participating Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants and the other two being die-hard CS:GO fans who had it open on Twitch, at the same time.

“It’s very exciting to see CS:GO on the big screen,” one fan told Global Defensive, with a lot of excitement, “I’m sure many people will stop what they’re doing at midnight and choose to watch a bunch of guys, they haven’t heard of, click on each other.”

While Turner admit they are very excited with the projected figures, they have also made a confession to the totally legit news site. “We were hoping for a much higher number, of around 14 people watching. We’d set the groups up in a way so that more American teams would make it through. Americans are really easy to manipulate, they’ll watch anything with America in it – so when Cloud9 failed to make it through, the whole production team was fired and there were discussions about skipping straight to Season 3.”

“Fortunately, OpTic stepped up and allowed for us to reach this massive viewership level,” the executive producer told us, “I just hope people don’t realise that only two of them are American. If it does, we’re just going to tell them that friberg is American – he can pull it off.”

In preparation for the upcoming tournament, we spoke with Virtus Pro player (Virtus Pro being a favourite to take the tournament) PashaBiceps, about how he felt going in to the upcoming matches.

“I expect us to make it to the finals, my friend,” he told us, “FAZE? They have no chance, my friend.”

We further interviewed him about his opinion on the recent controversey regarding casters and whether they should have the right to criticise players as much as they do. He replied, “I think there should be no bants, my friend.”

With these figures, ELeague S2 is set to reach just one viewer more than us, per month. If you hate the capitalist scum behind Turner – then smash the hierarchy and follow @GlobalDefensive on Twitter.


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