What’s the big deal about FAZE vs. OpTic?

ELeague’s quarter-finals resulted in an early plane home for the Polish side, Virtus Pro, and the mouzsports side. As the semi-finals approach, fans anticipate one of the most heated rivalries in eSports history – Global Defensive details why…

Summer 2014 Summer 2014 was the time of the world’s biggest Call of Duty tournament for that year, which would see sixteen of the world’s best Call of Duty teams to get together to play the latest installment of the world’s most innovative game, for the chance to win the lion’s share of a $1,000,000 prize pool.

This year was a big year, however, as there had been several teams rising from the shadows that seemed ready to take the #1 spot. One of these teams were the FAZE Clan, a group of trickshotters who would fuck your Mom so fast that she’d end up finishing quicker than your average time (which is very impressive) that hailed from Israel.

Another team had recently stepped up to attend this event, a group of players from Palestine – known as OpTic Gaming. Of course, there was going to be conflict between these two teams, although many did not anticipate the extent to which it would go. The tournament had to be called off after FAZE Jesus was brutally murdered by one of the OpTic players and admins had to prevent any trade frags from going FAZE’s way.

While, usually, COD fans would’ve been disgusted at these sights and would’ve felt upset and betrayed that the biggest tournament of the year had been cancelled – there weren’t any fans watching, that year, as they all thought Ghosts was shit.

Early 2015 After the events of the Summer, the rivarly between the two teams calmed down as the orgs realised that they were going to have an issue with PR if they maintained these teams after the brutal murders of the Summer so picked up a group of friendly Americans, instead. However, the rivarly still remained present as the two teams argued constantly over Twitter.

“Our eight year old fans would beat up your eight year old fans,” the official FAZE Clan twitter tweeted out to OpTic, on January 27th 2015.

“Our eight year old fans are too busy fucking your Mom! ;)” responded OpTic.

While many fans assumed this was just well-played banter, they did not realise that OpTic was not lying. OpTic H3CZ was, later that day, found in bed with FAZE Temperrr‘s mother, which resulted in all sorts of drama and fall-outs. The two ended up getting married, which resulted in a lot of awkward “you’re not my real Dad!” moments.

The real scandal of 2015 happened, however, when OpTic won the 2015 championships after grounding all of the FAZE players, so they had to use their fans instead – who were nowhere near as skilled in the trickshot art. Temperrr’s Mother felt like she was being manipulated and the two eventually split up and although H3CZ tried his hardest to win Temperrr in a divorce lawsuit, he didn’t manage to win it – a theme that would follow OpTic for the rest of their eSports careers.

Late 2015 Towards the end of 2015, both OpTic and FAZE realised that their original Call of Duty fanbases were growing up to games for more mature audiences, than COD – such as Neopets and Moshi Monsters. While they tried to invest money in to picking up teams for these games, they couldn’t find any worthy investments and the two teams collapsed for a period.

It was dark times for both of the orgs, they lived paycheque to paycheque – with the FAZE Clan living only off of the money they stole from their fans, through their fake gambling website. However, there was light at the end of the tunnel as a former COD4 pro, known as Pansy, stepped in to save two of her fellow comrades – showing them the glory of Counter-Strike.

Both teams immediately looked for the best teams they could possibly pick up. OpTic realised that they were shit at whatever game they played, so had to get people who could speak English, so they could market their personality and brand – rather than their skill. They set off on their journey to the most skill deprived land in Counter-Strike history, North America, where they picked up an average team that no one had ever heard of.

“Haha, this team will never do anything!” FAZE fans laughed on Twitter.

Meanwhile, FAZE had a different ideology. They were a team founded on the idea that losing doesn’t matter as long as you look cool doing it. As such, they sought out the best looking faces in the CS:GO scene – finding themselves picking up ex-G2 for about a hundred times more than their actual value, at the time.

Both teams faced hard times, with neither team doing anything noteworthy for a whole year. While FAZE struggled and looked mediocre, at best, in Europe – OpTic made a name for themselves as one of the best North American teams, with fans praising their performances as “mediocre” and “pretty good”.

Late 2016 Now, almost a year later, these two teams will collide in an ultimate grudge match on live television. FAZE have the beautiful ex-NIP player, allu, who will play alongside four other team-mates, who all look like super-villains as they battle against the home team on live television.

When Global Defensive asked Virtus Pro player, Pasha, on his opinion on this match-up, he told his that he has “no stance, my friend”.

Cod this article have been better? Hear the Call of Duty and head to @GlobalDefensive to read more articles and, if you’re interested, apply to write your own articles! All you have to do is pass an interview with me, the sarcastic editor, how hard can it be?

3 thoughts on “What’s the big deal about FAZE vs. OpTic?

  1. “Temperrr’s Mother felt like she was being manipulated and the two eventually split up and although H3CZ tried his hardest to win Temperrr in a divorce lawsuit, he didn’t manage to win it – a theme that would follow OpTic for the rest of their eSports careers.”


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