SK’s fanbase hits new low as fans realise Fox is not Brazillian

After the removal of FNX from their roster, SK Gaming have been hitting a tough time as they have lost the patriotic Brazillian support.

After Taco repeatedly told sources not to worry about the team basis, they weren’t kicking FNX out because he was an awful CS:GO player (although Taco refused to deny this), they made the decision as they felt that their personalities would never work out and that they would never be able to build a top-tier, major-winning  team out of this line-up.

The change comes after a rough patch from SK Gaming: placing 2nd in the ESL Pro League finals, making only the semi-finals of ELeague and placing 2nd at IEM Oakland. “These are rough times to be a Brazillian,” one fan told us, “I keep hoping they’ll bounce back and become a dominant force but all of these losses… It’s like 7-1 all over again.”

The leak was made, last week, as a mole within the James Bardolph eSports League team let slip that the Brazillian side had signed up to use Portuguese player, Fox, on their line-up for the tournament.

While /r/globaloffensive were, initially, excited to see Fox play for the team – as he would result in the “favela trash” losing even more – they were also excited to see another reason to hate on a Brazillian team.

“How dare they not tell one of their players before being kicked! That’s just unfair, he could’ve signed a deal with other teams if he’d been given more notice. What a scummy org,” one mouzsports fan posted with anger.

Fortunately for Fallen’s side, the drama blew over after just 24 hours, with the fans already moving on to their next slice of drama – who would win in a fight OpTic’s Dad or Cloud9’s Dad?

However, SK Gaming quickly hit a big speed bump on their hype train towards the ECS Finals – where they will face top teams, such as EnvyUs, FAZE and Cloud9.

“We’ve lost all our Twitter followers ever since we picked up Fox,” Fallen told Global Defensive, crying a little bit, “I keep getting messages telling me that I’ve failed the Brazillian homeland by bringing in a dirty half-blood.”

In an attempt to reason with the other side of the argument, we spoke to one Brazillian fan who was very upset with SK Gaming’s decision. “I’m very upset by their decision,” the fan told us, “They’ve disregarded Brazillian tradition in an attempt to win, which I think is a pretty asshole move.”

Semi-pro analyst, Thorin, shared his thoughts on Twitter, “Best team in the world adds Tier 7 player. #BrazilLogic”. While Global Defensive suspects that this was an attempt to bait out the 10 Portuguese Fox fans, they cannot deny that Thorin’s Twitter is an accurate place for CS:GO knowledge, especially when it comes to match predictions.

If you want good quality CS:GO predictions and to see a man attempt to humiliate the people who pay his bills, then follow Thorin on Twitter. If you’d rather see shit-tier CS:GO shitposts and see a lass attempt to humiliate a bunch of people they haven’t met for the sweet, sweet satisfaction of internet karma – head over to @GlobalDefensive

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