Manchester United acquire SK Gaming players

On the same day that the ex-Dignitas squad have announced their signing with FC Copenhagen, the Brazilian SK Gaming team have made an announcement of their own; they will now play under the Manchester United banner.

José Mourinho (the manager of Manchester United, as most CS:GO neck beards won’t know) spoke to Global Defensive in an exclusive interview, “We are honoured to acquire players of this talent level and we know that all of our fans will be too, although I think it’s getting pretty late in the Middle East so we’ll have to wait and see.”

British CS:GO fans have been quick to announce their excitement at this move, arguing that since Manchester United is located in the (alleged) North of England, they can class SK Gaming as a British team. “You can’t do that,” one angry North American responded, “You can’t take credit for achievements that players from another country accomplished – it wouldn’t be fair for us to take credit for a really good Spanish or Ukrainian team so it’s not fair for these Brits…”

Rumours have also linked the Immortals players with the Leeds United organisation, but this has yet to be confirmed.

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