The many things we learned from Round 14 of Astralis vs. SK Gaming


SK Gaming vs. Astralis was an incredible game played at the ELeague Major which saw two of the favourites of the tournament collide and Round 14 was, perhaps, the best round of Counter-Strike ever played. Global Defensive has gathered a team of analysts to guide you through exactly why this was such an amazing round.

Round 14 2.png

FALLEN ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The round opens with Fallen getting a great tag through the doors, knocking Dupreeh down to a catastrophic 20HP. The first thing we learn is that Fallen is very good with the AWP! What a break-out performance he had at this Major.

Round 14 3.png

Things get even worse for Astralis when they are forced off of short control from a great flashbang from the SK Gaming side. As you can see here, Device was flashed. A very sneaky little trick to avoid things like this happening in match-making games is that you should always look away from flashbangs! See, that’s another thing you’ve learned!

Round 14 4.png

Just 50 seconds remain and Fallen is already ready to pull a Koosta. It’s very easy to forget about time in CS:GO games and many teams fell victim to this, this week. Remember, if the time is below a minute – make sure you spam “TIME” in the chat! You’ll be up to MG in no time!

Round 4 5.png

About half a round, later, Glave is bullied away from long with an onslaught of flashbangs and people with bigger guns. Remember, the second this happens – make sure your whole team rotates to long A! They must all be there!

Round 14 6.png

That’s what happens when he comes around the corner, Fox with the double spray-down shows everyone that he isn’t a shitter.

“Oh, I see what’s coming here,” you mumble to yourself, “You’re going to make a joke about how we’ve learned that Thorin was wrong and doesn’t know what he’s talking about!”

You haven’t just learned that.

Round 14 7.png

Oh shit, Device answers right back by killing Fer. He’s pretty good with the AWP too. With just 15 seconds left, all he has to do is go and hide – he’ll probably have time to go and watch Godsent play OpTic, too.

What did we learn from this? AWP is OP, it needs nerfed again.


Fox follows it up with a sick one tap! Maybe the French won’t need Scream after all.

Round 14 10.png

Coldzera plants the bomb for SK Gaming, just in time. There’s a reason people call him the MVP of SK Gaming. With the bomb down, Astralis are well and truly fak’d.

Round 14 15.png

And the save is on! Wow, what a round – every time these two teams play, you are going to get amazing rounds like these. This round was a nail-biter throughout, although it may have appeared tough to understand for the casual viewer. We hope that this article has helped you to understand!

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