Virtus Pro players sign another five year contract

Despite facing huge amounts of criticism from supporters over the past few weeks, the Virtus Pro organisation has surprised pundits within the CS:GO scene by offering their full squad a contract for a further five years.

The decision comes after Virtus Pro have fallen to the 13th place on the HLTV rankings and have waited eight months since their last top tournament victory. We sought out squad leader TaZ for comment.

“We are one of the best teams in the world,” he told us, “and that has never changed. We have the skills to be at the top, the only reason we are struggling is because our fans aren’t believing in us enough.”

Earlier this morning, the latest copy of Virtus Pro’s team handbook entitled “Next Steps” was also leaked: detailing how the team intends on fixing the issues that have plagued them over the past eight months. One of these steps is to wear ear-plugs during matches so they cannot hear any nasty comments that the crowd might be chanting at them, which could cause them to tilt.

Further plans involve moving ESL further up the organisation’s payroll, changing up player roles and making arrangements with other ESForce teams for mutual benefit in league systems.

“People keep saying that we need a roster change but what other options do we have? There is not much talent in the top Polish scene because potential star players haven’t been given a chance to gain experience from top players, which is a shame but hey, nothing we can do,” TaZ told us.

“We are slumping for sure, my friend, but we will bounce back!” team member Pasha told his stream, while training hard on his skills of attacking the Sosnovka Military Base.

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